Targa Malerba e Grotto Cassone – Divina Charme Catania

Targa Malerba e Grotto Cassone

Duration: about 5 hours.

Difficulty: average E.

Cost: € 50.00 per person - € 30.00 children. 

Luxury Transfer Option: transfer from our facility to meeting point:

  • ONLY GO € 35 per person (Free for children up to 3 years).
  •  ROUND TRIP 10% OFF.

Meeting point: Hexagonal Bar, Funicular Square.

Gathering: at 10:00 am, delivery of equipment, bureaucratic requirements, latest information from the volcanological bulletin of the INV of Catania and delivery of tickets.

Departure: 11:00 am.

Itinerary: The route of this excursion is quite easy, on the way we will admire the Bove Valley, and with a little luck it will be possible to admire the vaulting of the gheppio or the poiana.

Continuing along the path, we will reach the edges of the Bove Valley, an ideal place for those who want to closely observe the eruptions of 2017. The basin, measuring eight kilometres and five metres wide, is covered with the lava of the 1991 – 1993 eruption. It represents a natural embankment to magmatic events that can threaten nearby population centres.

After three hours of trekking, we will reach our starting point, from here we will move to visit the ‘Grotto Cassone’. The peculiarity of the cave is its tubular shape, formed during the eruption of 1792 was discovered by chance during the construction of the provincial road. The size and length of the cave are remarkable, it is in fact possible to stand along almost the entire path. It is a lava sliding gallery, the floor consists of slag lava and in some places characterised by roped lava.

After visiting the cave, we will go to one of the eruptive fractures born during the volcanic event of 1892. Here are the most visited explosive craters in all of Etna, our volcano guides will reveal the secrets and wonders related to their formation.

Would you like to enjoy this experience during your stay? Request more information and book !

Would you like to live this experience during your stay? Request more information and book